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Children will learn how to:

  • Count to 100 by 1's and 10's.
  • Count and identify numbers with a five and ten frame.
  • Use a number line to identify numbers that are more than, less than and equal to.
  • Use materials and tools to engage with numbers.
  • Believe in themselves as a mathematician!

If you purchase a starter kit it will include sample math resources from all kindergarten standards. Starter kits include resources and tools that focus on:

  • counting
  • adding and subtracting
  • place value
  • geometry
  • measurement


All kits include FUNdamentals of learning created math guides, educational online resources, material to assist with fine motor development, and a product to help children build their confidence and belief in themselves as individuals and math students!

Kindergarten Kounts ® Learning Kit

  • At this time kits are NON-REFUNDABLE please contact us at if there are any problems with your kit and we will provide changes upon a necessary request.

    Our kits are shipped in protective packaging to protect the contents of the kit.  

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