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Our name is one of the first words that we learn how to read! For many of us, it is a name that has been passed down from our grandparents or great parents!

Children starting school or going into kindergarten, sometimes struggle to identify their name or read the individual letters, and that is why we have created this product.

Children will be able to:

1. Learn their first, middle, and last name at a steady pace.

2. Identify all of the letters in their name through play!

3. Complete hands-on activities independently!

4. Have access to video content that teaches them about letters and letter sounds!

5. Receive materials mailed directly to their home to practice their name!

My Name Is

  • There are parts of this bundle that are laminated for durabilty. Please allow 3-5 business days for your product to be delievred. Thank you for your time and patience. 

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