As a first-generation college student raised by a single mother, Isis always had a love for the school and her teachers. Growing up in what she knows today was poverty, she found stability and joy in her school environment. Homelife for her at many times was rough, there were nights that she spent without electricity or running water. Due to her upbringing, the neighborhoods she lived in, and the conditions she survived she is able to connect with students living in low-income conditions today. She attended 5 different elementary schools, 3 different middle schools and went off to college thinking that $500 was enough money for 4-year matriculation. After getting to college and realizing that $500 wasn’t nearly enough money she made the commitment to earn money through scholarships and work-study programs because she refused to continue the generational cycle of not being educated. 


With an unstoppable mindset, she obtained her bachelor’s in Elementary Education and currently holds her masters in Educational Administration and Supervision. Isis’ passion for education has earned her recognition as one of Dr. Maya Angelou’s words of wisdom recipient, United Negro College Fund’s Rising star in education award and her educational journey has been featured in the PHILLIS: The Journal for Research on African American Women. She is also a founding delegate for the National Parents Union and creator of the Kindergarten Kounts curriculum.


In 2019, she founded FUNdamentals of Learning, LLC  where her mission is to raise social & cultural awareness for those populations that require additional support and attention while ensuring the kids have fun in the process. FUNdamentals of Learning is currently serving thousands of families by teaching them how to teach at home and reminding educators that every child deserves a champion and that champion is them!

Who Do I Serve

Education is key!




Educational leaders


Elementary Families


Education nonprofits and organizations