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Choose your pricing plan

  • Homeschool Coaching

    Every month
    You have what it takes to make learning happen for your kid!
    • Weekly check-ins
    • Continual support & lesson development
    • Access to experts in the field and events
    • Custom lesson plans and learning calendars
    • VIP access to FUNdamentals of Learning events and products
  • Educator Consulting

    Every month
    This plan is PERFECT for pre-k through 5th grade educators.
    • FREE monthly printable!
    • Weekly motivational teacher quotes!
    • Coaching as needed!
    • Continual support in classroom management!
    • Exclusive access to upcoming FOL events and webinars!
    • FREE advertising & promotion every Friday on FB!
    • Lesson plan & curriculum writing support!
    • Parental engagement support!
  • FUNdamentals Academy

    Every week
    The FUNdamentals Learning Academy is a half day program.
    Valid for 24 weeks
    • Monday-Wednesday 8am-12pm learning pod
    • Project-based learning
    • Highly engaging and interactive academic lessons
    • Montessori and play-based learning
    • Financial literacy, STEM, and SEL Skills
    • Personalized learning
    • Community driven and focused
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