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Are Your Students Savages or Scholars?

One of the most popular songs and TikTok dance crazes right now is the “I'm a savage challenge!” With over 2.2 million views on youtube, children from as young as the age of 2 to adults up to the age of 82 are all calling themselves savages and working day and night to learn the routine. By definition a savage is, fierce, violent and uncontrolled. A brutal or vicious person. I don’t know about you but my children aren’t savages and neither are my students. So what Mrs. Spann’s FUNdamentals of Learning wants to offer in place of being a savage is being a SCHOLAR!

I understand that in this digital world ENGAGEMENT is everything and exposing students to more images and affirmations is what I do. I create songs about learning being fun because it is important for kids to not only go to school and learn but to enjoy the experience. In addition, yesterday I launched a 4-week counting course geared towards pre-k and kindergarten educators and families that is not only FUN but also very engaging. Also visit my YouTube channel for Pre-k through 5th-grade learning tutorials.

Below is the “imma pass it remix” and if you happen to know Beyonce forward it to her(lol)!

Share this video with your fellow educators and students and remind them they are SCHOLARS, LEADERS, AND LEARNERS!

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