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Mrs. Spann

As a first generation college student raised by a single mother, Isis always had a love for school and her teachers. Growing up in what she knows today as poverty, she found stability and joy in her school environment. Home life for her at many times was rough, there were nights that she spent without electricity or running water. Due to her upbringing, the neighborhoods she lived in and conditions she survived she is able to connect with students living in low income conditions today. She attended 5 different elementary schools, 3 different middle schools and went off to college thinking that $500 was enough money for a 4 year matriculation.

“I learned the Basketball Game method for teaching sight words today and was eager to get home from work to try it out! My 5 year old daughter learned “in” and “and” within 10 mins of using the method I learned this morning from Mrs. Spann. I’m soooooo thankful for her and I’m eager to teach my little one more words!” 


—  Jocelyn Calvin Wright-Esq

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Education is key!