Education is key & ENGAGEMENT is neccessary!

Supporting elementary educators & families in order to narrow engagement and academic gaps to increase STUDENT SUCCESS & POTENTIAL!


Mrs. Spann

Being an educator is not what I do it is who I AM! I am a mom of 4 and one of my children is conquering a disability therefore I see diversity differently. I am the wife of a black man in America therefore I love differently. I am an educator in the south therefore I view equity differently!  My mission is to narrow the opportunity gap for students in PreK-5 by offering free online content, workshops, and virtual coaching to engage families in learning in a fun and meaningful way.


“I learned the Basketball Game method for teaching sight words today and was eager to get home from work to try it out! My 5 year old daughter learned “in” and “and” within 10 mins of using the method I learned this morning from Mrs. Spann. I’m soooooo thankful for her and I’m eager to teach my little one more words!” 


—  Jocelyn Calvin Wright-Esq

What I Offer

Teacher development content

Classroom engagement workshops

Parental engagement workshops

Cultural engagments workshops

Education is key!