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"Empowering Busy Parents: A Guide to Fitting Academics into Your Busy Schedule"

As a homeschool mom of 4, wife, and full-time entrepreneur I understand how challenging it can be to get breakfast, lunch, and dinner prepared, spend quality time with my spouse and friends, get caught on the latest social media trends, and be the at my job! 

Here are 5  tips on fitting academics into your busy schedule.

  1. Create a Flexible Schedule: every family is different and your schedule is to fit your family. In our home, EVERY Friday is “Freedom Friday” which means eating leftovers and the kids playing until midnight. (Translation: just leave me alone and let me rest(lol) ) It also means because I am well rested on Friday we can get up together on Saturday morning to do crafts or a learning activity.

  2. Utilize Everyday Moments: Incorporate counting, spelling, or storytelling during meal prep, car rides, or bedtime routines. My 4-year-old learned how to count by counting our steps and his fruit snacks every time he had a snack. He also learned his numbers because I password-protected all of his devices and if he wanted to play a game he had to put in a password. 

  3. Set Realistic Goals: Celebrate small victories to keep motivation high. My best friend is currently potty training both of her sons(boss moves right) and she celebrates every potty visit with a high-energy cheer and a trip to the candy basket. The same celebrations can be tied to an academic goal as well. 

  4. Create a Dedicated Learning Space: Equip the space with essential learning tools and materials. Make sure that you keep supplies such as pencils, paper, on-grade level books, glue, scissors, and other school supplies in a designated area so that learning and homework. When you don’t have to spend time looking and hunting for supplies it will save you time and patience. 

  5. Explore Interactive Learning Resources: Choose resources aligned with your child's interests and age group. Spend some time searching and joining Facebook groups or TikTok trends that give you tips and resources on the things that your children are interested in. My children love K-pop music so we use Duolingo for them to learn Korean. My son is really into puzzles so we visit Dollar Tree to buy 24-48-piece puzzles that he can work on independently. Visiting the local library and checking out books and puzzles is also something that can be built into your schedule. 

Embrace the uniqueness of your child's learning journey, and remember that every small effort contributes to a bright educational future. You've got this! If you are not a member of our FREE Facebook group yet, please consider joining!

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